序号 英文 中文意思 同义替换
1 reserve 预定 book
2 in advance 提前 ahead, before
3 have to 必须 must, should, need, require, necessary, be supposed to, demand, order
4 adjust 调整,改变 change, alter, modify, shift, revert
5 and  also, as well as, with, in addition
6 but 但是 however, yet, instead
7 because 因为 why, as a result, therefore, cause
8 diversity 多样性 a variety of, a number of, a range of, various, different
9 fee 费用,花销 money, cost, price, expense, budget, fund, financial, economic
10 establish 建造 built, creat, construct, set up, install
11 transfer 搬运,移动 move, relocate, shift, turn into, remove
12 habitat 栖息地 live,territory
13 international 国际的 countries, continents, global
14 export 出口 abroad, overseas
15 vegetation 植被 plants, tree, forest, botanic
16 animal 动物 mammal, wildlife, creature, species
17 feature 特点 characteristic, trait, property
18 emigrate 迁徙,移民 move, go away
19 food 食物 feed on, eat
20 allergic 过敏的 can not eat
21 fitness 健康 health, medical, sickness, illness, gym
22 tradition 传统 cstom, convention, local culture, native culture, lifestyle
23 entertainment 娱乐 recreation, leisure
24 press 媒体 media, TV, news paper, redio
25 online 网络 internet, websit
26 publicity 宣传 website, media, news, marking
27 picture 照片 photo, photograph, camera, image, diagram
28 jewellery 珠宝 rings, bracelets, necklaces, precious stones, gem, diamond, luxurious
29 artwork 艺术品 painting, drawing, craft
30 statue 雕像 sculpture, carving
31 movie 电影 film, documentary, cinema
32 geology 地质学 cliff, fossil, rock, landscape
33 countryside 乡村的 rural area
34 urban 城市的 city, mentropolitan
35 coastline 海岸线 shore, seaside
36 environment 周围环境 neighbourhood, surrounding
37 noisy 吵闹的 disturbing, not quiet
38 capacity 容量 volume, not quiet
39 outdoor 户外的 gardens, park, open air
40 accommodation 住宿 living, dwelling, dorm
41 place 地点 where, spot, location, area
42 near 附近的 close, not far from, nearby, next to,
43 remote 偏远的 isolated, distant, far from
44 advantage 优点 benefit, positive, good thing, stength, highlight, shining point
45 disadvantage 缺点 drawback, shortcoming, negative, problem
46 education 教育 teach, schools, colleges, institution, university
47 ordinary people 公众 people, inhabitants, the public, men and woman,  mass, commonage 
48 student 学生 pupil, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate
49 purpose 目标 aim, goal, target, pursue, key areas
50 learn 学习 acquire, get, obtain, get
51 structure 结构,大纲 outline, framwork
52 reference materials 参考资料 books, journals, magazines, article, paper, thesis
53 extensive 广泛 comprehensive, a lot of, many, mass, amount of
54 expertise 能力,专长 ability, skill, technology, technique, science, tips, mechanics,accomplishment
55 group 团队 team, crew, organization, community
56 associate 与……相关 relate to, connect, link
57 approach 方法 way, how, method
58 motivate 鼓励,促进 encourage, stimulate, keep active, boost, help
59 improve 提升 develop, increase, rise, promote
60 overlook 低估 underestimate, neglect
61 omit 省掉 leave out, cancel
62 find 发现 discover, detect, spot, see, sight
63 opportunity 机会 chance, odds, hope
64 difficult 困难的 poblem, hard, not easy, not simple
65 prevent 避免,阻止 avoid, stop, escape, forbid, ou of bounds
66 misunderstand 理解错误 wrong idea, confuse, puzzle, perlex
67 try hard 努力 make efforts, hard working
68 feedback 反馈 response, reaction, reply
69 affect 影响 impact, infunce, effect
70 analysis 分析,认知 perspective, understand, perceive, know
71 result 结果 outcome, consequence, conclusion
72 handle 处理 deal with, cope with, figure out, work out, take care of
73 support 帮助 help, assistance, aid, tip, help
74 ideal 完美的 perfect, fabulous, wonderful, excellent, super, great
75 rigorous 严格的 strict, demanding
76 restrict 限制 limit, not permit
77 similar 相似的 like, compare
78 particular 特别的 special, in particular, especially
79 copy 重复 repeat, reprodunce
80 statistics 统计学 data, figure
81 maximum 最大值 up to, at most, highest, peak, top level, top rank
82 minimum 最小值 at least
83 initial 最初的,开始的 at first, start, begin, early on, premiere
84 limited 少量的 just a few, a little, small, a small number of, not many, miniature
85 shorten 截短 cut down
86 decrease 降低 lower, reduce, fewer, drop, fall, decrease
87 lack 缺乏 shortage, insufficient, fewer, not enough
88 large 大的 big, huge
89 amount of 大量 lots of, large quantities of, loads of
90 majority 绝大部分 most
91 double 两倍 twice
92 more than 超过 over, beyond, exceed, above
93 at present 当前 already, existing, currently, nowadays
94 update 更新 upgrade, up to date, more current, moden, present, nowadays
95 newest 最新的 latest
96 soon 将来 later, in the future
97 out of date 过去时 old fashioned
98 ancient 古老的,过去的 medieval, in the past, once, historical, old, ancient, former
99 temporary 暂时的 a short time
100 deadline 截止时间 time pressure, on time
101 permanent 长久的 long-lasting
102 more often 频繁 frequent, always
103 annual 年度的 every year, once per year
104 every month 每个月 monthly, four weeks
105 every day 每天 daily
106 classify 分类 category, sort, type, kind
107 entrance 入口 access, main gate, door
108 behind 在……后面 back, rear
109 below 在……下面 under
110 beside 在……旁边 next to, near, border
111 available 可用的 have, accessible, not close, open
112 boring 无趣的 not interesting in, boredom
113 trend 趋势 possibility, likely, tendency
114 risky 危险的 dangerous, not safe, hazard
115 poisonous 有毒的 toxic, dangerous
116 warning 警报 alarm, alert
117 care 谨慎 coution
118 steal 偷窃 theft
119 protect 保护 safeguard, shelter, preserve
120 injury 伤害 harm, hurt, damage, dangerous, frighten
121 military 军事的 battle, weapon, not peaceful
122 tactics 策略 strategy, method
123 rely on 依靠 depend on, count on
124 travel 旅行 tourism, trip, passenger, flight
125 space travel 空间旅行 aircraft, rocket, satellite
126 transport 交通 vehicle, bus, train, boat, ship, ferry, subway
127 specific 具体的 detail, particular, example, such as
128 request 询问 ask for, inquiry
129 clear 清晰地 definitive
130 freeze 结冰 froze, ice, chill, cold
131 organization 组织,公司 business, company, corporation structure
132 organize 组织,安排 arrange, plan
133 produce 产生 generate, make
134 administer 管理,治理 manage
135 occupation 职位 profession, job
136 all ages 所有年龄的人 young and old
137 youth 年轻 young, boy, child, teenager
138 mate 伙伴 friend, peer
139 staff 员工 recruit, worker, employee
140 sale 销售 retail
141 cheap 便宜的 low price, not expensive
142 discount 打折 10% off, on sale
143 round curve, circle
144 order 顺序 sequence
145 renovate 修理,翻新 fix, repair
146 alone 单独的 single, solo, by themselves
147 hospitality 招待 treatment, prepare refreshment
148 shape like look like, seem like
149 depress 失望,使沮丧 disappoint, dispirit, frustrate, discourage
150 well-known 有名的 famous, fame
151 specialize in  专注于 focus, emphasis, concentrate
152 part 部分 component, proportion, percent, section, element, ingredient
153 typical 典型的;普通的 representative, common, average
154 uncommon 特别的 special, unique, unusual, rare
155 accurately 精确地 precisely
156 expand 扩张扩建 add, enlarge, increase spaces
157 climb 上升 go up, increase
158 enhance 增强 improve, increase
159 power 力量 force, energy
160 fuel 燃料 coal, firewood, petrol, gas
161 refurbish 重新装修 redecorate
162 preference 偏爱;优先权 like, priority
163 trust 信任 less suspicious, believe
164 computer 电脑 laptop
165 handy 方便的 convenient
166 demonstrate 展示 display, show, exhibition
167 important 主要的 significant, major, main, primary
168 straightforward 简单直接的 direct, first-hand, simple
169 disused 废弃的 empty, abandoned
170 donate 捐赠 charity, give
171 work 作品 item, produce
172 turn 转动 switch
173 information 信息 details, date, graph, chart
174 visualize 想象 imagine
175 repetition 重复 over and over
176 poor 弱的 weak
177 durable 耐用的 stronger, longer
178 pollutant 污染物 contaminant
179 continue 继续 ahead, go on, keep on doing