剑桥雅思17 Test 1 口语Part 3




1What sort of things can neighbours do to help each other?


Well, if you are on good terms with your neighbours, they can lend a hand to you in many ways. By way of example, they can help you carry in the groceries, sign for your packages, or even babysit your kids. On top of that, they can also offer to watch over your house by watering your plants, feeding your pets as well as keeping an eye on things when you are away. Some neighbourhood events can't be organized by people who live on the same block, like throwing a party to celebrate an upcoming holiday or having everyone pitch in to clean up the sidewalks. That way, residents will have a better sense of community.


be on good terms with sb.与某人关系良好

lend a hand to sb.帮助某人

carry in the groceries 把杂货拿进来

sign for one's package帮某人签收快递

babysit one's kid 临时看护某人的孩子

watch over one's house 照看某人的房子

keep an eye on things[习语]留意某物

live on the same block 住在同一个街区

throw a party 开派对

an upcoming holiday 一个即将到来的节日

pitch in to 出一份力

that way 这样一来


2How well do people generally know their neighbours in your country?


It seems to me that people nowadays are not familiar with their neighbours as much as they used to do.Even though people are adjacent to each other, it doesn't necessarily mean that folks who live nearby play an important role in our life. What I'm saying is that, we no longer need that much interaction with our neighbours as technology gives us instant access to almost everything. For example, you can be linked to your friends via social media and you can use delivery service when you are in need of some daily necessities. To build on my point a bit more, there has been a much greater population mability in big cities these days, so many young people have to rent an apartment to live, which means they only stay temporarily, and they don't really care who live next door.


it seems to me that在我看来

be adjacent to 毗邻而居

it doesn't necessarily mean that 这并不意味着

folks 人们

play an important role in在某方面扮演着重要的角色

give sb.instant access to sth.让某人能即时接触到某事

be linked to……相连接

delivery service 外卖服务

daily necessities 日用品

to build on my point a bit more进一步阐述我的观点

population mobility 人口流动

stay temporarily短暂停留


3How important do you think it is to have good neighbours?


Well, if you've made up your mind to settle in a community, good neighbours undoubtedly matter a lot to your life quality. Just imagine, if you have really annoying neighbours, let's say, they throw wild parties late at night with an overbearing manner or they dump waste on the sidewalks, and you can do nothing but putting up with that. But if you have friendly and considerate neighbours, things will be the other way around. I mean, they'll respect your space and privacy, and they're willing to take time to talk and smile to you. More importantly, they tend to reach out to you, which will enhance your sense of community. It's a real blessing to have good neighbours.


make up your mind to do sth.下定决心做某事

settle in在某处安顿下来

matter a lot 十分要紧

let's say 比方说

with an overbearing manner 带着一种专横的态度

dump waste 倒垃圾

put up with 忍受


take time to do sth.花时间去做某事

the other way around 完全不同

reach out to sb.给某人提供帮助

enhance one's sense of community 提升某人的社区归属感

it's a real blessing to do sth.做某事是一种福气


Facilities in cities


4Which facilities are most important to people living in cities?


Well, it's widely known that cities have a larger geographical area and population. So a city should have a variety of amenities to meet the needs of its occupants. To keep a city functioning, facilities for transportation like streets, bridges, alleys, and traffic signals play a vital part, as they make a city connected. On top of that, water lines, storm drains, sanitary sewers, parking lots are also fundamental.Without them, a city can't be a livable place. Public service facilities like schools, hospitals, parks and libraries are also essential for city dwellers. In fact, it is the standard of those facilities that decides whether a city is appealing or not.


it's widely known that 众所周知……


meet the needs of sb.满足某人的需求

occupant 居民

play a vital part扮演着重要的角色

on top of that 除此以外

storm drain 排洪管

sanitary sewer 下水道



5How does shopping in small local shops differ from shopping in large city centre shops?


Well, in terms of shopping experience, shopping in the heart of the city can definitely provide you with a wide selection of goods and your overall shopping experience will be enriched by a mix of activities which are available in a mall, such as dining in a range of restaurants, watching movies or even spinning on an ice rink. I think this is one of the incomparable appeals of a shopping complex.By contrast, people normally go to local grocery stores to shop for food or daily articles. It's more like getting things for a more practical reason rather than for recreation.


in the heart of在某地的中心

in terms of从某方面来看


a wide selection of goods种类广泛的商品

a range of 一系列的

spin on an ice rink 在冰场上旋转

incomparable appeal 无法比拟的吸引力

shopping complex购物中心

by contrast相比之下

daily article 日用品


6Do you think that children should always go to the school nearest to where they live?


Not really. It's common knowledge that attending a neighbouring school is beneficial for both children and parents. To be more specific, children can have adequate sleep and their parents won't get themselves in a rush to drop off and pick up their kids on time. That being said, physical distance is not the only standard when it comes to education. It's a foregone conclusion that parents always want their kids to receive better education, but the problem is that the actual education resources are unequally distributed in a city. In this case, some parents will send their children to a school with better education quality, such as a private school rather than a nearby public school.


it's common knowledge that 众所周知……

neighbouring 附近的

to be more specific 更确切地说

get sb.in a rush 让某人变得十分匆忙

drop off and pick up送和接

that being said 话虽这么说

physical distance 物理距离

when it comes to 当提到……

it's a foregone conclusion that 这是一个必然结论

unequally distribute不平等地分配