It is reported that a couple registered for marriage since they have chatted on Wechat for only one month. Is online romance really reliable? The following are the supporters; and opponents opinions. Read carefully the opinions from both sides and write your response in about 200 words, in which you should first summarize briefly the opinions from both sides and give your view on the issue.


Marks will be awarded for content relevance, content sufficiency, organization, language quality. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.




Online love is very romantic and exciting. How does he/ she look like? What is his/ her view on Pride and Prejudice? It is the mysteriousness that pushes two strangers from afar to know more about each other.


In China, one of the preconditions for couples to get married is that the groom must own a house. Unfortunately, many lovers break up for lack of material affluence. Online romance, compared with realistic love, attaches more emphasis on the appeal to each other in spirit and involves less material conditions.


Online romance knows no boundary. Boys and girls can chat with each other once they find they have the same topics, regardless of their physical appearance and geographical limit.




The Internet is a virtual world, in which there impossibly exists real, enduring love since it is very difficult to tell the real from the fake on the Internet. Everything provided online may be proved untrue.


Pursuing online romance is sometimes very dangerous because there are many cheaters on the Net. They disguise themselves as perfect lovers, rich, generous and gentle. They know what you want as a soft woman. But all of these are, in fact, tricks they play to cheat money or sex.


Online love grows out of illusion and thus is very infirm. Sometimes, they even don't have an overall understanding of the person they dream about. Yet they know each other better, they break up as quickly as they fall in love.


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Online Romance Is Not Reliable






As ways of communications have diversified for decadesonline romance has become increasingly popular among youngsters.As ways of+名词复数+have diversified for decades,主语+has become increasingly popular among...{几十年来...的方式已经愈加多元化了,在...当中,...变得越来越受欢迎。} Some in favor of it hold online romancebeyond physical attractiveness and geographical limitis interesting and less emphasizes material conditions.beyond physical attractiveness and geographical limit“超越了外表和低于的限制{状语}”;less emphasize不那么强调{谓语}material conditions物质条件;Some in favor of it hold+从句...{赞成的一些人认为...}Some are against it for the personal information provided online may be totally made upthe person you truly love a potential cheater and the love you think endure last and forever proves to be so fragile.the personal information provided online网上提供的个人信息{provided分词做后置定语}be made up虚假;for+从句...{因为...}the person you truly love你真正爱的人{you truly love定语从句作后置定语}a potential cheater{person的同位语}potential潜在的;cheater骗子;you think endure last and forever{定语从句左后制定定语修饰the love}endure last and forever持续到永久{think的宾语}the person and the love作从句的主语;prove to do sth证明做某事;be so fragile如此脆弱{系表结构}Some are against it+从句...{一些反对的人认为...}As far as I am concernedit is irrational to find a life companion online.As far as I am concernedit is irrational to do sth{依我之见,做某事是不理性的。}companion伴侣】



To start withlove is defined as a strong emotional attachment to the person who shares the same habits and ideals.To start with+主语+is defined as...{首先,...可定义为...}a strong emotional attachment强烈的情感依赖;who shares the same habits and ideals定语从句作后置定语修饰the personshare拥有v.ideal理想n.to sb对某人来说】Such an attachment cant be established overnight.Such a/an+名词{这样的...}overnight一夜之间;be established被建立起来】In most casesonline romance grows out of illusion and is likely to be augmented by halo effectin which couples think the person they love is the bestdespite all the weak points.In most cases+句子...“大多数情况下,...。”;illusion虚幻的想象/错觉/幻想n.grow out of...“因...而产生”;is likely to be augmented by...“由于...可能会增强”;augment增加v.halo effect晕轮效应;...in which+从句...{...,在...中,...}couples夫妻/双方;despite+名词“尽管...”;weak points种种缺点】Once the platonic love is tested in daily lifestrengths vanish and weakness appear at a moment.Once+从句...+主句...“一旦......。”;platonic love柏拉图式的恋爱;is tested接受考验;strength优点;vanish消失v.weakness缺点;appear出现;at a moment片刻/马上】 The story isnt over yetit just begins.be not over yet还不是结局;】 Couples have overcome realistic barriers if they want to carry their relationships much longerfor examplelong distancedifferent family background and even different education background.realistic barrier现实的障碍;long distance空间距离】



To sum upit is unwise to find a life companion on Netfor online romance can be hardly true love and difficult to maintain.To sum upit is unwise to do sth“总之,做某事不是明智之举。”;for+从句...{因为...}be hardly true love and difficult to do sth{很难是真正的爱并很难做某事}













physical attractiveness 外貌 吸引力emphasize/emfesaz/vt.强调

potential /pe'ten]al/a.潜在的,可能的fragile/fraed3ail/a.脆弱的

companion   n.伴侣

overnight  ad. 在短时间内,突然

illusion  n.幻想

halo effect晕轮效应

vanish   vi.消失

youngster  n.青年,年轻人

geographical   a. 地理的

be made up 捏造

endure  v.持久,持续

irrational   a.不理性的

attachment    n. 依恋

grow out of 产生于

augment   vt.扩大

platonic love 精神恋爱,柏拉图式恋爱

realistic  a.现实的