Part Three


1What do you think of advertising in sports and entertainment events?



There are two sides to the issue. On the one hand, people say that to have sports you must allow them to find ways to make money. After all, we can't have every athlete only sponsored by government. On the other hand, when we let advertisements into sports we are allowing big companies to control events.




2Do you think China's membership in the WTO will benefit China?



I think China will benefit from being membership in the WTO. The common Chinese consumer will benefit most from it because prices of imported products will go down. Also the quality and after-sales services of national products will be improved. I guess the main danger we have to face is the new competition to our national industries but I think they're up to the challenge.



3What are advertisements like on TV?



When we turn on television, we can see all kinds of advertisements concerning clothes,food, cars, etc. and the heroes and heroines are mostly famous movie or sports stars so that great star effects can be achieved. In order to attract consumers, advertisers resort to every possible simulative method in producing advertisements, so we can see various kinds of TV advertisements adopting sound, color, cartoon, and even special effects.Compared with printed advertisements, TV advertisements are attractive because TV advertisements can catch the eye as well as the ear. Whether you like it or not,advertisements keep pouring in.



4What are people's opinions toward advertisements?



People hold different attitudes towards advertisements. Some think that advertisements give up-to-date information about products and help to explore a bigger market, therefore more goods are sold at cheaper prices. On the other hand, there are some other people who believe that advertisements do not give us any useful information but try to persuade us to buy things without which we can still live happily. There are even a large proportion of people who hate advertisements, especially TV advertisements because TV advertisements often interrupt the wonderful programs they are enjoying.



5What are the problems of advertisements in your society?



Although advertisements enable us to make decisions quickly, sometimes they cause lots of troubles. For example, some advertisements use false advertisements to cheat customers, in which case, customers will suffer a great deal and even lose their lives.Sometimes, the products advertised are actually not as good as the advertisements claim to be. Moreover, some advertisements are vulgar in both pictures and words, and therefore have negative effects on young people. There are still some other advertisements which mislead people because they do not portray the reality but give us unrealistic expectations and therefore fuel people's greedy desires.



6How can the problems of advertisements be solved?



It's necessary for government to make a law on advertising to set the standard for advertisements to get released. Some supervisory institutions should also be established to supervise advertisers in case they give false advertisements to trap customers.



7Are there any famous brands you know? What are they? How do you lean about them?



Yes. There are many famous Chinese and foreign car brands I know such as Zhonghua.BMW, and Buick. And l also know some clothes brands like Boss and Valentino. Of course I get to know the brands mostly from advertisements though I hear about some of them from friends.



8Will you buy the things advertised in advertisements? Why or why not?



Ill buy the products advertised in advertisements for the following reasons. To begin with,those enterprises which have the ability to publish advertisements in media are usually large, so the quality of their products is reliable. Secondly, from advertisements I can compare the features of different products, so I won't buy things blindly. And the last, from advertisements, I can get acquainted with some new and high-quality products which I won't know otherwise. For example, there's a kind of soft drink named "Farmers' Fruit Garden', which I once saw in a TV advertisement I have loved it ever since, and I can't live without it