雅思6听力解释Section 4


31. Back in the first to the fourth centuries AD, when the Romans controlled England,London grew into a town of 45,000 people, and what's now the East End-the area by the river Thames, and along the road heading north-east from London to the coast-consisted of farmland with crops and livestock which helped to feed that population.


这是由3个句子组成的并列复合句,即(1)Back in the first to the fourth enturies AD, when the Romans controlled England, London grew into a town of 45 000 people, (2) and what's now the East End-(3) the area by the river Thames, and along the road heading north-east from London to the coast-consisted of farmland with crops and livestock which helped to feed that population.在第1个句子中,when引导的是非限定性定语从句,修饰the first to the fourth centuries AD。第2个句子是简单句。在第3个句子中,主句的主体框架是the area...consisted of farmland。由which引导的定语从句修饰crops and livestock


难点提示:首先,这个句子根长;其次,题目中的关键词produce(农产品)在录音中被替换成了一组间erops and livestock(农作物和家畜);was used to被替换成了helpedto


技巧点拨:题目中空格后的关键词people在录音中被替换成population,这个替换很简单,所以当听到feed that population,即可确定feed是答案。





32. The technology they introduced meant that metal and leather goods were produced there for the first time .


这是一个主从复合句,they introduced是定语从句,修饰the technology;that引导的是宾语从句。


难点提示:题目中的关键词made of在录音中被替换成were produced。另外,题目中的关键词goods在录音中重现,而答案在goods之前出现,即答案前置。


技巧点拨:根据题目中的goods made of and_,可预知此处要填的是名词。另外,题目中的Sth-10th centuriestechnology在录音中重现,后面听到了metal and leather goods were produced,可以确定metal,leather是答案。




33. The East End benefited from this, and because there were fewer restrictions there than in the city itself, plenty of newcomers settled there from abroad, bringing their skills as workers, merchants or money-lenders during the next few hundred years.


这是由and连接的两个句子组成的并列复合句,and前是简单句,and后是主从复合句,because引导的是原因状语从句,主句是plenty of newcomers settled there from abroad。后面的bringing their skills是现在分词短语作伴随状语。




技巧点拨:题目中的East End在本句录音中重现,可作为定位答案的路标词。另外,空格前的关键词lack of在录音中被替换成fewer,后面的restrictions是答案。




34. In the sixteenth century the first dock was dug where ships were constructed,eventually making the East End the focus of massive international trade.


这是一个主从复合句,where引导的定语从句修饰the first dock;eventually making the East End the focus of massive international trade 是整个句子的状语。




技巧点拨:题目中的16th century在录音中重现,可作为定位答案的路标词。另外,预读题目可知,此处要填写的是名词,表示某种建筑,这样当听到ships were constructed,即可确定ships是答案。




35. And in the late sixteenth century, when much of the rest of England was suffering economically,a lot of agricultural workers came to the East End to look for alternative work.


这是一个主从复合句,in the late sixteenth century是主句的时间状语,when引导的非限定性定语从句修饰 the late sixteen century;主句中的to look for alternative work是不定式短语作目的状语。


难点提示:题目中的关键词agricultural workers cameto look for work在录音中重现,而答案在这些词之前出现,即答案前置。


技巧点拨:题目中空格前的other parts of在录音中被替换成the rest of,这个替换很容易听出来,后面的England是答案。




36. There was a shortage of accommodation, so marshland was drained and built on to house the large numbers of people now living there.


这是由连词so连接的两个简单句组成的并列复合句。to house the large numbers of people是不定式作目的状语,living there是现在分词短语作后置定语,修饰people


难点提示:题目中的Marshes were drained to provide land在录音中的表达是marshland was drained,其中marsh(沼泽地)和marshland(沼泽地)两个词都是生词。


技巧点拨:题目中的关键词drained在本句中重现,接着考生就听到了built on这个词组,由于on在题目中已经给出,那么直接就可以填出built这个答案。




37. Those who could afford to live in more pleasant surroundings moved out, and the area became one where the vast majority of people lived in extreme poverty, and suffered from appalling sanitary conditions.






技巧点拨:题目中的关键词Inhabitants lived in.great..和录音中的people lived in extreme…意思完全一致,可据此确定extreme后的poverty是答案。




38. Houses were crowded closely together and usually very badly built, because there was no regulation.


这是一个主从复合句,because引导的是原因状语从句,主句中的crowded closely together usually very badly built were 后面由 and 连接的两个并列成分。


难点提示:录音中的badly built(建得很差)和F选项poor standards of building(建筑物质量很差)二者意思相符。本题考查推理能力。




39. Few houses had electricity at this time, so other sources of power were used, like coal for the fires which heated perhaps just one room.




难点提示:录音中的few houses had electricity...coal...heated...just one room意为“很少有房子有电,煤只能给一个房间取暖”,和C选项heating problems(取暖问题)意思相符。本题考查理解句子大意的能力。


技巧点拨:通过heated perhaps just one room也可以推断出是C选项heating problems




40.A tiny,damp,unhealthy house like this might well be occupied by two full families.possibly including several children, grandparents, aunts and uncles.


这是一个简单句,like this是介词短语作house的后置定语,might well be occupied是谓语,by two full families是状语,including引导的成分是现在分词短语作伴随状语。


难点提示:本句既考查考生的捕捉细节的能力,又考查理解大意的能力。本句中的tiny(很小的)要意识到be occupied by two full families,possibly including several children grandparents,aunts and uncles的意思也是overcrowding