Questions 1-8

· Look at the statements below and the reports about five different companies on ai the opposite page.

·Which company(A,B,C,D or E)does each statement(1-8)refer to?

· For each statement (1-8), mark one letter(A, B, C, D or E) on your Answer Sheet.

· You will need to use some of these letters more than once

·There is an example at the beginning(0).


1 This company has expanded at a time of high demand.

2 Good results in one part of this company made up for disappointing results in another part

3 It is difficult to predict future prospects for the kind of products this company sells.

4 Profits for this company are likely to be different from those that were earlier predicted

5 This company produced more goods than were needed for certain markets.

6 This company has denied rumours about its future plans.

7 A recovery in this company's financial position is expected.

8 This company is likely to benefit from charging more for its products.



Following the company's poor annual results in November, the share price plunged and has since remained around 200p. Analysts now believe that the company is seriously undervalued by the stock market. The company's biggest problems were in Germany and France last year where supply outstripped demand, leading to a f20 million loss for the year. However, the company has recently appointed a new chairman who has a first-rate track record of reviving failing companies. It is believed that he will be successful in turning round the company's fortunes.



Analysts are impressed with the company's recent performance. In the last six months, it has managed to increase prices by 3 per cent without adversely affecting sales. In such a low-margin, high-sales sector, this ought to translate directly into increased profits. The company's recent sale of its packaging division has eliminated all its debts. Shares have risen in the past month from 80p to 100p. Despite these promising signs, it must be remembered that the company is trading in an extremely volatile market.



For some weeks, there has been widespread expectation that the company will announce the sale of its troubled newspaper-and-magazine distribution arm. Speculation came to an end when this was firmly ruled out as a possibility at the annual general meeting last week. Profits from this division were down from f13 million to f8 million. However, this drop was more than offset by an improvement in the company's retail division, which has taken the innovative step of opening stores in places such as hospitals and colleges. Profits in this division rose from£79 million to f90 million.



The company has had steady growth prospects since it opened four more upmarket hotels and several health and fitness clubs. This move has come at a time when the market is particularly buoyant. There were rumours that the company might become the subject of a takeover bid by one of the large American corporations. However, this has not materialised, and it now seems unlikely that any such bids will be made in the immediate future. This is expected to lead to an easing of the share price.



The company has always been popular with shareholders as, for the past ten years, it has consistently provided them with above average returns. Profits for the first half of the year were up by 15 per cent. Development profits from some 30 projects around the country will provide a balanced stream of earnings in the second half of the year. Given this, and the sale of a loss-making division in Bradford, pre-tax profit forecasts have been increased to £21 million and earnings to 12. Sp per share.




【答案精解】与该段内容相匹配的选项句有两个,即第5句和第7句。第5句指出“这家公司为某些市场生产了超出需求的产品。”正是该段第三句所述内容,即...where supply out-stripped demand...,故此句为相关选项。第7句指出“人们期待该公司财政状况的改善。”正是该段最后两句表述的内容,因此也是正确选项。